Running Tips

Running tips brought to you by Fleet Feet Cincinnati:

  • GOOD SHOES: the life span of athletic shoes is 300-500 miles or about 6 months if you use them every day. Check the soles of your shoes. If they are smooth, missing tread or worn through it’s time for a new pair! Fleet Feet Cincinnati uses fitID, a 3D foot scanning technology, to assist in picking the right shoe for you!
  • GOOD GEAR: We have a motto that Cotton is Rotten! Cotton absorbs sweat and traps it in the material causing chaffing and blisters. We recommend moisture wicking socks, tops and bottoms for training and race day.
  • HYDRATE: races offer water stations along the route, but this shouldn’t be your only way to hydrate. Handheld bottles, waist packs and hydration packs are all great options to keep you hydrated anytime along the route.
  • PACE YOURSELF: if you are new to running/walking it’s important to pace yourself! Your workouts should be an easy conversation pace. This will ensure you have enough left in your tank to pick up the pace come race day! This is also important on race day – many take off to quickly due to nerves. Take a deep breath and pace yourself!
  • WORKOUT BUDDY: if you can, find a workout buddy! Not only does having a workout buddy create accountability but it makes your workout fun!
  • SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS: writing your workouts in your calendar as an appointment guarantees that you’ll keep that appointment.
  • FIND YOUR WHY: finding the reason you want to run/walk keeps you motivated to continue.
  • HAVE FUN: take different routes each workout, create a scavenger hunt to keep you engaged, listen to music or podcasts, if your schedule allows workout at different times during the week to keep the workout fresh and mix up your day.

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